Smoke Signal

Who is picking up your Smoke Signal…

        This story was adapted by

Carol Hope

Leroy the fisherman encountered a major storm at sea in his small fishing boat.  The storm was so bad that it tore the fishing boat apart.  Swimming and treading water, he caught hold of a small piece of his boat which he was able to use to keep himself afloat until he came to the shore of an island.  Not knowing where he was, he set out to explore.  He discovered that he was alone on the island, so he decided to build himself a hut.  With the branches and bramble he could find, he carefully constructed a hut.  Then he thought to himself, “I am going to need to find food, but first let me build a fire”.  So he pulled out his boy’s scout skills and built himself a fire.  He found himself some sweet potatoes in exploring the island, harvested some potatoes and headed back to the hut.  Upon arrival at where he had built the hut, he noted that an ember from the fire he built had blown on to hut and caused it to burn down to the ground.

Overwhelmed by the events that had just transpired, he fell to the ground calling out to God; “Why have you forsaken me?”  He cried so hard, he fell asleep right where he was on the sand.  He slept for hours and was roused by a stranger standing over him.  Who are you?” he asked, “and how did you find me?”   The stranger replied, I saw your smoke signal!

So, who is picking up your smoke signal?  I asked the audience that question in my response as I accepted a Citizenship Award from a community organization – Sunday Morning Kickers of Miramar, Inc.  They were honoring me for the work that I have done with the Friendship Games for persons with psychiatric disabilities for the last 28 years.

 I was sure to tell them that my hut had burned down twice during those 28 years and had it not been for my husband, Michael Hope taking over the tremendous effort required to carry it out, the Friendship Games would not have taken place at least 2 times during those years.  God saw my smoke signals and provided someone special, every time, to allow the work to go on.

That is the beauty of being connected to the Source of your being.  The challenges may come and go, but the provision for whatever is needed, has been given even before you ask.

When my hut burned last year 2013, I spent a large part of the year in a hospital bed unable to walk.  For someone who is a mover and shaker and always very busy, it was new for me to lay still and let others do for me.  I was always on the other side doing for others.  During that time of rest I started considering the value of doing things in a very simple way.  No multi-tasking or being too busy, thus putting myself in a position of stress so as to fulfill my purpose.  It became clear to me that I could fulfill my purpose by approaching everything in a simple way.

When I left the hospital, I was ready to write.  The result is an E-book:  Keep It Simple Sweetheart.   You may download a copy at the following address:

 On the site you may also listen to an audio of one of the stories from the book.  I am excited about the results that are coming from my last, powerful experience of how God is always providing.  I am eager to share my blessings with you.  Thanks for listening.

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