They come in all sizes and shapes and have been around perhaps for millions of years. We are reminded in the bible that we should build our “house upon a rock”… Luke 6:48. That way it would be built on solid ground.

Recently I came across a quote that may not be exactly how I found it, but nonetheless bears repeating. “Rocks are always being thrown at you in life and when they are thrown, you are presented with a choice; build a wall with them or build a bridge to your success. Which one is it going to be for you?” Anon

That statement gave me pause, because I had never thought of rocks in quite that way before. But now I know that if I can see a rock as a building material, even if it hit me hard; I can use it as a stepping stone on which to build something strong. As a business owner, i sometimes experience challenges that are like huge rocks. Yet in the moment when it seems that i could be crushed by this one; I can now say; this one can become the cornerstone on which I can build my growth and change; there to help meĀ  come up higher. It is going to teach me something that I did not know before. So now I have begun to look for the lessons and the activities that are going to come out of the experience. I am using the momentum of the big challenges to be more effective and engage more power.

Today I am grateful for the big ones and the small ones, and how they are all providing paving stones for my journey to the success that I claim. I now see the connection with the bible passage I quoted.Thanks for sharing this AHA moment with me!

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