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In many instances when a situation seems impossible, and I feel like I am facing a wall, the question that comes to mind is; how am I ever going to handle this one? And for a moment I pause and give the situation a name. This one is a beast! I can hear myself say; “this one is an elephant, torch-eyed and horrible, foam-flanked and terrible” ….. lines from an old poem by Rachael Lindsay “The Congo”. I used to recite this poem in elementary school. It touched me then  and left a mark upon my heart. FEAR. Not anymore!. That thought is usually enough to remind me of a story that I tell myself about the elephant. Here it goes:

A rat, a dog, a bird and a donkey were all asked to describe an elephant. The rat who was in the grass beneath the elephant said: When I look up at the elephant, all I can see is a dark cloud. The dog that was standing behind the elephant said; I see two big legs and a tail wagging. That’s an elephant to me. The donkey that was in front of the elephant said; big head with huge ears and a trunk that keeps waving back and forth. Finally, a bird that was perched up in a tree above the elephant said; HUGE!

Each one of them had a different view and described it based on how it appeared to them. None had the whole picture. The question is; who has the whole picture of every challenge? The answer that I always came back to is; the power that created it all!  God Can see every part of the elephant, because God is the Creator.

God can see the beginning and the end of any challenge. How the outcome impacts us really depends on the relationship that we have with the Creator. If you think you have to figure it out alone, then the outcome is uncertain. If you know that you are in partnership with the Almighty, then we can call upon the all seeing eyes to help us navigate the situation.  And the outcome will always be good…. GOD.  ( Take O…urself out of the middle and we are left with GOD)

Everything is intended for our good, our growth, and our improvement.  That was the intention of our Creator when we were magnificently made and given this wonderful planet in which to live. Everything is intended to help us grow and improve. Without a challenge there is no muscle building. Whether it is our physical body, our minds or our spirit; without challenges they do not develop. So a situation may come along that appears to be formidable. We can handle it alone (our will), or we can engage the power of the Almighty. That for me is exercising spiritual muscle.

Sometimes it requires to simply say to our frightened spirit; “Be still and know that I am God; I will be here for you.” Sometimes it requires for you to Ask, Seek, Knock, Give Thanks. I call that praying and moving our feet in the direction of our good; always listening for confirmation that the path we are taking is guided. I also call that surrendering to the truth of your being: Christ in you the Hope of Glory. I got those words from Paul the Apostle who himself was hit by a major challenge that led him to the Light. And when he was brought to his knees, he surrendered. That surrender was transformational. He became instrumental in bringing the Light to many over the last two thousand years, through his teachings.

I am very grateful that I don’t have to bear anything alone. Actually, I can ask the Creator which part of the elephant I should chew first. I always get answers and solutions because GOD CAN! That activity has never failed me yet.

Here is a simple thing that I practice so as to deal with the challenges for which I think I have no solutions. Get a can with a cover, paste a simple sign on the can; GOD CAN. Write down the details of the situation and ask for the outcome that you desire. You may only ask for those outcomes that will not hurt anyone or cause harm in any way. Put your request in the can and put the can away.  Continue to pray and move your feet. Expect a miracle. Stay in awe of the solutions that will come your way, and don’t forget to be grateful!


OPEN HOUSE 10:00 AM -9:00 PM - Monday to Friday

Hope Providers ~New Office Location

18301 North Miami Ave

Suite #2700

(2nd Floor of Everest Institute Building

-In-front of Publix warehouse) -

Enter at N. Miami Ave – Elevator to 2nd floor -

South East Corner of the building.

Miami Florida 33169

Access from

411,199 St. I-95, Turnpike

Great Location

Come see us!

 Michael & Carol Hope


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