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I am a citizen of the world and universally connected. I acknowledge the parenthood of God, so each person I meet is family. I am conscious of the abiding presence of good, because each situation or challenge is my teacher. Carol Hope served as a public school teacher in rural Jamaica for the first 11 years of her professional life. In 1981 she became a resident of Miami, Florida and has dedicated much of her work to the rehabilitation and social acceptance of people with mental illness. She is a Professional Speaker (that averages 15 appearances per month), an author,and coach. With her husband Michael Hope, she is focused on providing the community with critical information regarding Hope and Healing. She is a breast cancer survivor with a clear message regarding practical steps people can take to find healing. She also gives critical information about healing diabetes, high cholesterol, neuropathy, arthritis: all conditions she has experienced since 2001. Michael and Carol have embarked upon a Wellness Campaign entitled: "It's Time To Change Your Life" which is fueled by their passion to "Expand the Light". Through individual consultations, conferences, workshops and informal discussions, they are providing practical information regarding things individuals can do right now to begin or continue their personal journey towards Optimal Health. They own Hope providers,Inc and have now expanded their community outreach by adding the Village of Hope. "We believe that people can live in Harmony, Balance and Ease but they need an approach that involves the mind, the body and the spirit because all three have to be connected to effect the outcomes desired."

Smoke Signal

Who is picking up your Smoke Signal…

        This story was adapted by

Carol Hope

Leroy the fisherman encountered a major storm at sea in his small fishing boat.  The storm was so bad that it tore the fishing boat apart.  Swimming and treading water, he caught hold of a small piece of his boat which he was able to use to keep himself afloat until he came to the shore of an island.  Not knowing where he was, he set out to explore.  He discovered that he was alone on the island, so he decided to build himself a hut.  With the branches and bramble he could find, he carefully constructed a hut.  Then he thought to himself, “I am going to need to find food, but first let me build a fire”.  So he pulled out his boy’s scout skills and built himself a fire.  He found himself some sweet potatoes in exploring the island, harvested some potatoes and headed back to the hut.  Upon arrival at where he had built the hut, he noted that an ember from the fire he built had blown on to hut and caused it to burn down to the ground.

Overwhelmed by the events that had just transpired, he fell to the ground calling out to God; “Why have you forsaken me?”  He cried so hard, he fell asleep right where he was on the sand.  He slept for hours and was roused by a stranger standing over him.  Who are you?” he asked, “and how did you find me?”   The stranger replied, I saw your smoke signal!

So, who is picking up your smoke signal?  I asked the audience that question in my response as I accepted a Citizenship Award from a community organization – Sunday Morning Kickers of Miramar, Inc.  They were honoring me for the work that I have done with the Friendship Games for persons with psychiatric disabilities for the last 28 years.

 I was sure to tell them that my hut had burned down twice during those 28 years and had it not been for my husband, Michael Hope taking over the tremendous effort required to carry it out, the Friendship Games would not have taken place at least 2 times during those years.  God saw my smoke signals and provided someone special, every time, to allow the work to go on.

That is the beauty of being connected to the Source of your being.  The challenges may come and go, but the provision for whatever is needed, has been given even before you ask.

When my hut burned last year 2013, I spent a large part of the year in a hospital bed unable to walk.  For someone who is a mover and shaker and always very busy, it was new for me to lay still and let others do for me.  I was always on the other side doing for others.  During that time of rest I started considering the value of doing things in a very simple way.  No multi-tasking or being too busy, thus putting myself in a position of stress so as to fulfill my purpose.  It became clear to me that I could fulfill my purpose by approaching everything in a simple way.

When I left the hospital, I was ready to write.  The result is an E-book:  Keep It Simple Sweetheart.   You may download a copy at the following address:


 On the site you may also listen to an audio of one of the stories from the book.  I am excited about the results that are coming from my last, powerful experience of how God is always providing.  I am eager to share my blessings with you.  Thanks for listening.

Text Box:  Carol Hope, Author, Speaker, Life Coach

(786) 337-5965 ~ carolhope19@msn.com

PO Box 69-3393 Miami Florida 33269







Copywriter ~ Carol Hope, 2014 ~ All Rights Reserved


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God Can + Our New Location

In many instances when a situation seems impossible, and I feel like I am facing a wall, the question that comes to mind is; how am I ever going to handle this one? And for a moment I pause and give the situation a name. This one is a beast! I can hear myself say; “this one is an elephant, torch-eyed and horrible, foam-flanked and terrible” ….. lines from an old poem by Rachael Lindsay “The Congo”. I used to recite this poem in elementary school. It touched me then  and left a mark upon my heart. FEAR. Not anymore!. That thought is usually enough to remind me of a story that I tell myself about the elephant. Here it goes:

A rat, a dog, a bird and a donkey were all asked to describe an elephant. The rat who was in the grass beneath the elephant said: When I look up at the elephant, all I can see is a dark cloud. The dog that was standing behind the elephant said; I see two big legs and a tail wagging. That’s an elephant to me. The donkey that was in front of the elephant said; big head with huge ears and a trunk that keeps waving back and forth. Finally, a bird that was perched up in a tree above the elephant said; HUGE!

Each one of them had a different view and described it based on how it appeared to them. None had the whole picture. The question is; who has the whole picture of every challenge? The answer that I always came back to is; the power that created it all!  God Can see every part of the elephant, because God is the Creator.

God can see the beginning and the end of any challenge. How the outcome impacts us really depends on the relationship that we have with the Creator. If you think you have to figure it out alone, then the outcome is uncertain. If you know that you are in partnership with the Almighty, then we can call upon the all seeing eyes to help us navigate the situation.  And the outcome will always be good…. GOD.  ( Take O…urself out of the middle and we are left with GOD)

Everything is intended for our good, our growth, and our improvement.  That was the intention of our Creator when we were magnificently made and given this wonderful planet in which to live. Everything is intended to help us grow and improve. Without a challenge there is no muscle building. Whether it is our physical body, our minds or our spirit; without challenges they do not develop. So a situation may come along that appears to be formidable. We can handle it alone (our will), or we can engage the power of the Almighty. That for me is exercising spiritual muscle.

Sometimes it requires to simply say to our frightened spirit; “Be still and know that I am God; I will be here for you.” Sometimes it requires for you to Ask, Seek, Knock, Give Thanks. I call that praying and moving our feet in the direction of our good; always listening for confirmation that the path we are taking is guided. I also call that surrendering to the truth of your being: Christ in you the Hope of Glory. I got those words from Paul the Apostle who himself was hit by a major challenge that led him to the Light. And when he was brought to his knees, he surrendered. That surrender was transformational. He became instrumental in bringing the Light to many over the last two thousand years, through his teachings.

I am very grateful that I don’t have to bear anything alone. Actually, I can ask the Creator which part of the elephant I should chew first. I always get answers and solutions because GOD CAN! That activity has never failed me yet.

Here is a simple thing that I practice so as to deal with the challenges for which I think I have no solutions. Get a can with a cover, paste a simple sign on the can; GOD CAN. Write down the details of the situation and ask for the outcome that you desire. You may only ask for those outcomes that will not hurt anyone or cause harm in any way. Put your request in the can and put the can away.  Continue to pray and move your feet. Expect a miracle. Stay in awe of the solutions that will come your way, and don’t forget to be grateful!


OPEN HOUSE 10:00 AM -9:00 PM - Monday to Friday

Hope Providers ~New Office Location

18301 North Miami Ave

Suite #2700

(2nd Floor of Everest Institute Building

-In-front of Publix warehouse) -

Enter at N. Miami Ave – Elevator to 2nd floor -

South East Corner of the building.

Miami Florida 33169

Access from

411,199 St. I-95, Turnpike

Great Location

Come see us!

 Michael & Carol Hope


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They come in all sizes and shapes and have been around perhaps for millions of years. We are reminded in the bible that we should build our “house upon a rock”… Luke 6:48. That way it would be built on solid ground.

Recently I came across a quote that may not be exactly how I found it, but nonetheless bears repeating. “Rocks are always being thrown at you in life and when they are thrown, you are presented with a choice; build a wall with them or build a bridge to your success. Which one is it going to be for you?” Anon

That statement gave me pause, because I had never thought of rocks in quite that way before. But now I know that if I can see a rock as a building material, even if it hit me hard; I can use it as a stepping stone on which to build something strong. As a business owner, i sometimes experience challenges that are like huge rocks. Yet in the moment when it seems that i could be crushed by this one; I can now say; this one can become the cornerstone on which I can build my growth and change; there to help me  come up higher. It is going to teach me something that I did not know before. So now I have begun to look for the lessons and the activities that are going to come out of the experience. I am using the momentum of the big challenges to be more effective and engage more power.

Today I am grateful for the big ones and the small ones, and how they are all providing paving stones for my journey to the success that I claim. I now see the connection with the bible passage I quoted.Thanks for sharing this AHA moment with me!

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10 Principles

“And it was very good.”
Genesis 1:31 NIV

God knew the specific purpose you were born to fulfill, so He provided all the gifts you’d need, including the environment required to put it all together. Then He looked at you and said, “Very good.” Can you say that too? It’s important that you can. Why? Because others will treat you according to how you treat yourself! This is not pride, it’s just healthy self-esteem based on God’s opinion of you as revealed in His Word. When you have it, it affects every area of your life. Truth be told, it determines how far you’ll go in life.

Stop and ask yourself today, “How do I really feel about myself?” Before you answer read these ten principles. Better yet, keep them before you daily.

(1)    Never think or speak negatively about yourself; that puts you in disagreement with God.

(2) Meditate on your God-given strengths and learn to encourage yourself, for much of the time nobody else will.

(3) Don’t compare yourself to anybody else. You’re unique, one of a kind, an original. So don’t settle for being a copy.

(4) Focus on your potential, not your limitations. Remember, God lives in you!

(5) Find what you like to do, do well, and strive to do it with excellence.

(6) Have the courage to be different. Be a God pleaser, not a people pleaser.

(7) Learn to handle criticism. Let it develop you instead of discourage you.

(8) Determine your own worth instead of letting others do it for you. They’ll short-change you!

(9) Keep your shortcomings in perspective – you’re still a work in progress.

(10) Focus daily on your greatest source of confidence – the God Who lives in you! Author Unknown

 I want to add: “Know that you are loved beyond measure”. Have a wonderful day. – Carol Hope

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Cancer, Prevention, Magic Bullets?


Having experienced cancer  and survived, (now 11 years), I can tell you that it is a complected issue. There are no magic bullets. Some things such as the herbs mentioned in the article you sent me. may help to boost the immune system, or even kill cancer cells, but the whole process of prevention and recovery from degeneration into cancer, requires many-fold approaches including but not limited to the following: reducing stress caused by high acid pH in the body, eating in harmony with what your body finds harmonious, ensuring that what you eat is absorbed at the cell level. proper supplementation including trace minerals, ensuring that the environment in which you live is free of toxic materials, getting sufficient clean, fresh air and having a spiritual connectedness to life; just to name a few. Prevention and recovery require a knowledge of your unique body and supporting it in a way that keeps you vital: no one size fills all. Let the buyer beware.!

Because I believe it is worth reading, below  is the article about which I am commenting


I consult with people on this and other issues of life. Feel free to contact me  at 786-337-5965.
Please pass my comments on to others who may be into prevention like me. Stay blessed. ~ Carol Hope. Minister, Author, Professional Speaker

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Travel With Us

Purchase Travel Fun International Event tickets here when available,  contact us for travel arrangements or set up your trip abroad by contacting us directly. 786-337-5965

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Exchange Time for Money

Or; Exchange Time for Value!

In discussion with a friend recently, he was telling me that he tries not to exchange time for money, because that is not the most efficient use of his time. He said it was more important to leverage his own efforts so that he would benefit from other people’s time and efforts This is a concept that many companies teach their recruits to follow,. and from a financial point of view; it works for many in terms of leveraging money to make more money. I asked him about his quality of life and he said:” I am running and working many hours per day right now but, I am looking forward to the time when the money starts working for me.

So what if his body does not last until that time.? What is the quality of life that he is experiencing right now, and will it sustain life in good health?

I am personally committed to seeking  balance in my life.  Therefore, I was able to share with him, that although money is valuable and having lots of it is great, I would rather expend my time on the values of Harmony, Balance & Ease as a way of ensuring that I maintain my health, my spirituality and my wisdom.You see those three elements ensure a quality of of life, that for me, is true value. Since I know for sure that there are people with loads of money, but have poor health, unbalanced family lives, poor relationships…I realize that quality of life may not result from having loads of money. When our quality of life is poor, there is no joy and joy cannot be bought. It is very difficult to enjoy our life regardless of the money we have. Having a good quality of life begins with an intention that starts in the mind. Our thoughts become our activities, which become our habits, which shape our outcomes, which results in our destiny and the legacy that we leave behind when we leave the planet.

.Let us seek Harmony, Balance and Ease in all we do, and life will reward we with everything we need, including money! Let’s seek value! We will find it, as we pass the time away.

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Month of Love

This is the month when lovers celebrate Valentine’s day and everywhere you look there is red;  the color that is used to signify the season . Chocolate boxes, shinny new pieces of jewelry, pretty clothing, dinners for two… It is fun to give gifts and watch the recipient light up with glee as they receive the thing that they have wanted from their lover, partner, spouse.. the thing that says, I love you. So I have a special gift for my Village and I will let you know how to retrieve it in my newsletter. coming soon. Stay tuned.


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Happy NEW You!

It is the beginning of a new year and a time that people make resolutions. These are intended to guide the steps for the year so that those steps will result in accomplishments to enhance the quality of life. Most of these never go further than the paper they were written on. They fall apart because there was no plan for how they were to be carried out. But when we don’t plan we are setting ourselves up for failure. People do not follow through on the planning and execution part of it because they may not know how, or they may be afraid of failure. There are many other reasons, but in this discussion, I will work with the two I mentioned.Not knowing the way to plan for success is a formidable obstacle…. Read the rest of this article in the Newsletter in this website and may you be blessed now and always! - Carol Hope

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Pay it Forward: Give to Change the World

Pay it forward is a concept that geminates in the minds of people who believe that they have something to share with the world by touching one person at a time. These people come from all walks of life and they may not have much materially, but they give out of what they have. There are rules related to paying it forward as there are rules for all things in life. These are some of those rules: Give to someone who needs a gift; give something valuable; give something they cannot do for themselves; do not expect anything in return. Know that you are setting in motion a cosmic system that if done right and consistently, it will change the face of the world… read the remainder of the story in the December Newsletter under Newsletter page on this site . Be Blessed!

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