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We are Michael & Carol Hope and we are Hope Providers, Inc. Our services are focused on health and wealth. Carol was seriously ill in 2001 and 2002 until we discovered the importance of knowing your bio-chemical signature and began to apply that knowledge. We understand what the body needs so as to function in harmony, balance and ease; a state we call good health. Hopie’s Juice Club; (one of our programs), is about educating yourself about yourself so as to gain intimate knowledge about how to recover, rejuvenate and revitalize daily. Money and paying attention to the Mind, Body and Spirit; are the tools that must be used to create a good life.They are the cornerstones of Good Health and provide the foundation of a Good Life.

Carol & Michael discovered many secrets to having Good Health & A Good life during this difficult yet powerful journey. Request a copy of “Your Internal Shower & tips for promoting good health” by Carol Hope. Price $9  + $1.95 S&H/US …Call for international rates at: 786-220-0095 786-337-5965

We welcome your questions regarding these issues, and we will answer them with care.

To ask a question fill out the question form below.To leave a story, write it in the comment section of the blog! We will handle your questions with care.-Michael & Carol.

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S L shares on his Facebook page: Friday February 3, 2012

I would like to thank Carol and Michael Hope for literally saving my life! Had I not done live Blood Cell Analysis about 2 weeks ago, and had they not insisted on my going to Emergency care, I, according to the surgeon, would have died from the poison that was leaking from a perforated colon and about to take over my organs. THANK YOU CAROL AND MIKE!

Carol’s Reply: That was a God job! Michael & I are sure that He has a special purpose for your life. We are the instruments that He used to keep you alive. We are so grateful to have been in the right place at the right time. We love you so much and we are so happy that we could be used as instruments to help you continue your journey here on the planet. Blessings always. ~ Carol Hope


  • What can I do to control my diabetes?

CJ”s Story

“It has been 6 days since I had my blood analyzed by a Certified Educational Microscopist and gathered critical knowledge about how I was digesting and absorbing my food, and eliminating toxic waste. I gathered information that I have never gathers before in the 22 years that I been suffering with elevated levels of sugar in my blood. I have been taking 4 shots of insulin per day plus numerous other medications , but still experiencing severe pain in my legs, numbness and many other complaints.

Based on the knowledge I acquired about by body, I immediately changed my diet to better support my unique bio-chemical signature and boost my immune system. Also, I am drinking large amounts of alkaline water at a pH of 9.5.  I am also now checking the level of acidity in my body  by checking my urine and adjusting what I eat and drink so as to maintain a good level of alkalinity. Because of my change of diet and intake of alkaline water etc., my blood sugar level has dropped reducing the number of times I need to inject my self with insulin per day. I went to see my medical doctor and he was very pleased with how I am doing. I can report that today I feel better than I have ever felt for 22 years. I am thankful and determined now to continue improving my knowledge of how my body works, and to become proactive in what I do to help myself. This knowledge upon which I can act to help myself from day to day is a blessing, and I encourage everyone; sick or getting sick, to join Hopie’s Juice Club and learn how you can change you life by changing your lifestyle. My life is changed for the better and I am grateful. Thank you God!” CJ of Miami Oct, 2009

Update May 2011

I am almost 40 lbs. lighter; my waist has lost 6 inches. I was never put on dialysis because my kidneys that were functioning less than 50% are functioning 100% today. Additionally, I was to have my leg cut where I had a blood clot; the clot went away and I did not receive the operation. I regained my 20/20 vision and gray hairs that I had, went away. I am feeling better than I was feeling at a younger age. I am on minimal medications and my trips to the Doctor’s office are now only routine check-ups.  I am 70 years old and in great shape. I apply the knowledge that I am gaining every day, and that’s my secret! Thanks to Hopie’s Juice Club educators, I have my life back. CJ



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